At Jackson Technologies, we automate business processes using EDI.  But what exactly is EDI?  It’s a complicated system that we make simple for our clients.  More about EDI in a minute, but here is how it helps.

Here Is How

Even simple business processes costs you both time and money.  Something as simple as invoicing takes many hours per week if you manually document time on paper, enter that time in a computer, then print and pay for stamps to mail your invoice.  The paper supplies, in addition to hourly time spent documenting paperwork, adds up over time.

This whole process can be automated.  A simple phone app can track your time both traveling to and spent working for a client.  At the press of a button, that time is automatically sent to a server that processes an invoice electronically.  Payment is requested and made without your intervention then you move on to the next job without any “paper work”.

Depending on your experiences, that may sound like a fantasy.  Rest assured it is very possible, and it’s how large corporations work on a daily basis.  We should know since we develop software that does exactly this… automate business processes.

EDI @ Our Core

We mentioned earlier that we use EDI.  Businesses that send electronic information to each other do so under B2B terms using EDI.  EDI is short for Electronic Data Interchange and it’s comparable to rules of proper grammar you were taught in elementary school.  As any english teacher would tell you, unproperly 4matted sintenses kreate missunderstandings.  Your brain immediately stopped and recalculated when you saw unproperly instead of improperly.  You stopped processing even if you read the remaining parts of the sentence.  EDI works the same way.

A message is sent between 2 computers with special formatting or rules.  Those rules are standardized by the ANSI organization and users who use ANSI formatting agree to abide by the same formatting rules.  Any out of place formatting causes a chain reaction that stops the message from properly sending until errors are corrected.

Well, we gave you our secret sauce – knowing the ANSI rules.  But very few people want to learn ANSI. That’s why we’re here for you.  And we hope you choose us when you’re ready to automate your business.  Click here to contact us today.